Touched by the closing plenary!

Day three was a great way to wrap up the forum.  I really enjoyed Dr. Cargill’s presentation, it seemed genuine and heartfelt.  It is nice to know we have an ally in Washington such as her.  I was very moved by her passion and conviction that came through, while completely maintaining her composure.  She really touched on some great points and I think we could all follow her example of how to truly advocate for the things we so strongly believe in.  I also really appreciated the stories and experience Robert Fullilove shared with us.  Like him, I feel there is tremendous hope for the future based on all that has been accomplished through activism in the passed few decades alone.  We, as a country, have really overcame a lot within the lifetime of many who truly laid the groundwork and set a high precedent for activism as a means of social change.  I do believe there is still a lot of hard work ahead of us all, but we control the outcome through our efforts.  I have left the forum charged up and ready to go back home and to work identifying the needs in my own community and building a network of other advocates to work for change and tackle some of the disparities facing PLWHA.

I would especially like to thank all of the organizers, presenters, guests, and attendees that made this past week possible.  I am truly inspired by those that have given so much of their time and effort to make living with HIV a little easier and more manageable.  I am further inspired by the clear and evident passion of the collective of persons who attended.  I look forward to future alliances, partnerships, friendships, and the opportunity to work with any and all of you.

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