Positive Women

The Positive Women network really opened my eyes to a whole different segment of HIV positive women who are not really talked about or mentioned in much advocacy that I conduct in the District of Columbia. We talk soo much about MSM and their behaviors and prevention efforts but until I arrived at this forum this population of women has never come up in any of my advocacy efforts and it's not just young women it's older women that comprise most of this group.

I met some interesting and very powerful women from Chicago, Baltimore, and New York who have inspired me and armed with with valuable tools to advocate and go out in the community and fight for human rights, supportive services, as well as HIV treatment research since you have women who  are not even genetically made up like men taking the same dosage of medication and treatment. I really enjoyed these women and their life and energy and I hope the work doesn't stop here but we continue on.

Calvin Gerald


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