HIV Researcher May be Banned for Falsifying Study

Federal regulators are looking to disqualify a prominent Chicago HIV doctor from future drug studies, said Chicago Breaking News. The regulators discovered that Dr. Daniel Berger’s clinic submitted bogus data in a drug trial.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that Dr. Berger, “failed to protect the rights, safety and welfare” of patients in his care, quoted Chicago Breaking News.

Among other falsifications, there were forgeries of doctors’ and patients’ signatures. In one case, said Chicago Breaking News, one patient’s name was spelled differently from trial records and other medical records. Also, basic tests conducted to ensure patient safety were not performed, such as EKGs, and would have been immediately noticed if appropriately reviewed, according to Chicago Breaking News.

In excess of 200 tablets of the drug being tested were also found to be missing said the FDA, wrote Chicago Breaking News, citing records. more

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