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Post Forum.. Back to Reality

I know this is kind of late, I wanted to post this awhile ago but I couldnt edit it in time and than I had finals and it just got way messy and busy the last two weeks after Forum.. But I finally got this thing edited and I hope you all enjoy.


HIV Research Catalyst Forum, Day 1

So me and my friend Jesse Sanchez from Miami attended I guess you can say technically the "First" day of the HIV Research Catalyst Forum and so far the experience is awesome. We have already meet quite a few people and I'm super excited to have this opportunity. So here is the first blog with both Jesse and I at the helm and I hope that you all like this. =)

Pre HIV Research Catalyst Forum Goodies!

So my name is Johnathan Shaw and I live in Augusta, GA.  I have been positive since December of 2008.  As a way for me to cope with Living with HIV I started to video blog about 3 months after my diagnosis.  I am so excited to be able to attend the forum and even more excited to be able to blog about the experience.  I think it will benefit me to be at the forum and to learn what other members of the community are going threw as well as what each of us are doing in an activist role.  Below is my Pre Forum Video that I posted on my Youtube Page and now on here so I hope you guys enjoy.



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