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Gene-Based Detection Method Might Spot HIV Earlier

Nucleic acid testing found cases missed by routine screening, researchers say

HIV Researcher May be Banned for Falsifying Study

Federal regulators are looking to disqualify a prominent Chicago HIV doctor from future drug studies, said Chicago Breaking News. The regulators discovered that Dr. Daniel Berger’s clinic submitted bogus data in a drug trial.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that Dr. Berger, “failed to protect the rights, safety and welfare” of patients in his care, quoted Chicago Breaking News.

Among other falsifications, there were forgeries of doctors’ and patients’ signatures. In one case, said Chicago Breaking News, one patient’s name was spelled differently from trial records and other medical records. Also, basic tests conducted to ensure patient safety were not performed, such as EKGs, and would have been immediately noticed if appropriately reviewed, according to Chicago Breaking News.

In excess of 200 tablets of the drug being tested were also found to be missing said the FDA, wrote Chicago Breaking News, citing records. more

FIFA under fire over safe-sex stance

JOHANNESBURG – With the World Cup kick-off just days away, HIV/AIDS prevention groups in South Africa have been ramping up their public protests against FIFA, the world body of soccer.

The activists claim that that the tournament’s organizers have hindered HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaigns by blocking condom and safe-sex information distribution at official game venues. more

Spectrum Health supports bill to remove separate consent form for HIV testing

Dr. Mimi Emig

GRAND RAPIDS — West Michigan’s largest health system wants to repeal a state mandate requiring patients to sign a separate consent form to be tested for HIV, saying it creates barriers to treatment.

But some advocates for HIV/AIDS patients fear a slippery slope.

“The goal is to remove the testing barrier because the earlier we can diagnose the easier it is to treat the disease and the less likely people unknowingly transmit the virus to other people,” said Dr. Mimi Emig, an infectious disease physician for Spectrum Health Medical Group. read more...

What is your opinion? Consent for HIV testing in medical facilities...

Mother-Baby pack delivers infant HIV prevention in a box...

Mother-baby HIV pack

25 March 2010 [MediaGlobal]: A new Mother-Baby pack for HIV positive women aims to revolutionize the prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) in several African countries.

Components of the color-coded Mother-Baby pack contain antibiotic and ARV medications for HIV-positive pregnant women and their newborns.

Many women in developing countries are unable to access formal health centers throughout their pregnancy and delivery due to logistical difficulties and lack of infrastructure. Historically when women visited a health center, they would be tested and told to return for further PMTCT services. However, many women have to travel far to reach health centers and some cannot afford the transportation costs, so many are unable to return. read more...

Clear Channel Makes a Bold Commitment to HIV/AIDS

SAN ANTONIO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Clear Channel Communications, Inc. has announced a bold new effort to broadcast information about HIV/AIDS and promote HIV testing as part of Greater Than AIDS, a coordinated response to AIDS in the United States. Leading up to National HIV Testing Day (June 27), Clear Channel Radio’s Urban, Urban AC, and Inspirational/Gospel radio stations in more than 60 markets will air new public service announcements (PSAs) which will direct listeners to targeted online resources that provide lifesaving information about HIV/AIDS and local testing resources. Additionally, Clear Channel and Greater Than AIDS will debut a 30-minute radio program in June as part of the partnership. In conjunction with the effort, Clear Channel Outdoor has placed more than 1500 Greater Than AIDS billboards and other outdoor ads in 19 markets hard-hit by HIV/AIDS across the country. read more...

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... just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself before they let me loose on the streets of Baltimore. I'm a Prevention Specialist and Volunteer Coordinator currently residing in Lexington, KY. I'm originally from Richmond, VA and I've held many job titles in my life. The career I have chosen for myself at this point is by far the hardest I've ever had, but definately the most important. I'm looking forward to meeting people as passionate as I am about not only encouraging change in the world around us, but being instrumental in the process by which it happens. I hope to see you all soon and please forgive me if there is a camera between us when we first meet. The eyes are the window to the soul and I'm merely attempting to capture what my soul has seen.


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