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Save America's ADAPs

There are 9 states with waiting lists with almost 1000 people on the lists.  This is not right.  We need to fight for equal treatment and care in every region of the United States.

We need to fight for a "Bridge to HealthCare Reform." The health care reform act will hopefully, help many of us living with HIV, but not until 2014.  We need a Bridge to provide care and treatment for all of us between now and then.  No one should have to be worried they will not have access to their life saving medications.

I am proof that the meds work.  I have been positive 16 years, my CD4 count is 1600, I still can't believe it.  BUT you would think I would feel good with such a high CD4 count, but I don't.  I have been thinking of taking a drug holiday, but I fear that the virus will multiply rapidly if I do stop taking my meds.  If I go off ADAP then need it again in say 6 months (worse case scenario), in Iowa I would have to go on the waiting list.  I would be the bottom person on a never ending growing list of Iowans needing their meds.

I can't do what I would like to do (drug holiday) for fear that I wouldn't have access to meds.

So please join us in this important fight.  go to the facebook page:  Save America's ADAPs.


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